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Imagine the feel of a brand new pair of contact lenses every time you wear contacts. You can have this with daily disposable contact lenses - without any lens maintenance involved. 

Just insert those daily disposable contacts, remove them from your eyes when you are finished wearing them and throw them away in the trash.  With daily disposables, there is no need to purchase contact lens solution or clean your lenses.  Also there is no contact lens storage case to keep clean and no need to remember when it’s time to replace your lenses. 

Daily disposable contact lens wear is not a new concept, but it had its shortcomings until recent years.  First generation daily disposable contacts were too dry for many wearers.   However, the latest daily disposable contacts provide both crisp vision and comfortable wear all day

Daily disposable contacts are a particularly good option for those who wish to wear contacts part time, since they eliminate the need for contact lens care and storage.  For the same reason, they’re also an excellent option for teenagers who may not be as reliable with lens care. 

The cost of daily disposables is very reasonable at about a dollar a day.  With all of the above benefits, it is money well spent. 

Call us to find out if daily disposable contact lenses may be right for you.

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