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Are your eyes becoming increasingly red?  Do your eyes burn, sting or water frequently?  Do you have intermittent blurring of your vision that improves upon blinking?  These symptoms signal that you may have an increasingly common disease – dry eyes.   Although our eyes generally become drier with age, proper diagnosis and treatment can limit the symptoms of dry eye.   

The cause of dry eyes is often multi-faceted and includes problems with the eyes themselves as well as external factors.  Inadequate function of the lacrimal glands (the glands that produce the watery component of  tears) and disease of the meibomian glands (the glands in eye eyelid that produce the oily layer that protects from evaporation of tears) are the two main eye problems leading to dry eyes. 

Systemic conditions such as hormonal imbalances, arthritis, rosacea and autoimmune conditions can also lead to dry eyes.  Many medications reduce tear quantity as well.  Even environmental influences such as wind, low humidity, contact lens wear and computer use can exacerbate dry eyes.  

Dry eye disease is chronic and worsens with age, so effective treatment is important.   In the past, artificial tears were our only source of treatment and many were ineffective.  Recently, research has produced several new and effective treatment options – new medications, improved tear substitutes, and minor in-office procedures such as punctual occlusion (blocking the tear drains to keep one’s natural tears in the eyes longer).    We offer all of these therapies to relieve your dry eye symptoms.   

If you have symptoms of dry eye, don’t ignore them.   Call for a dry eye evaluation today.

Omega 3 Supplements
for Eye Health
Both dry eyes and macular degeneration respond favorably to Omega 3 supplements.

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