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Did you know your eyes are like fingerprints? No two are alike - not even your own two eyes!

We are the only office in the area with the Z-View Aberrometer to measure the microscopic irregularities unique to your eye (your optical fingerprint or iPrint™). Using this iPrint™, customized iZon™ Eyeglasses can be made.

With iZon Lenses, your vision will be clearer, sharper and more vivid than you ever imagined. WOW is seeing your life in a whole new way. Current iZon wearers describe it as seeing in High-Definition vision.

Vestal Eye Care Associates is the first location in upstate New York offer this technology which provides clearer, sharper, more vivid vision than ever possible with conventional eyeglasses.

I was very pleased with my new iZon High Resolution Progressives from the first moment that I put them on. Everything was so much sharper and brighter from near to far, and in-between. I had no trouble driving home, working on the computer and reading the newspaper from day one.

On day two, I went golfing with them on. That's when I realized I was actually seeing in higher definition and more three dimensional than ever before. I saw the golf ball clearly at address and easily tracked it in the air and saw clearly where it landed. The new lens seemed to accentuate the curvature of the greens so it was easier to read the breaks correctly.

These new iZon lenses have exceeded my expectations and have made the transition from single focus to progressives a joy.
--George J. Chiu, Vestal

iZon™ Exam Video

Watch video of iZon exam and vision
benefits of iZon High Resolution Lenses
Personalized Care that Protects
and Enhances the Gift of Sight.
Ask us about iZon lenses and how you can see "wow"!
We are the only office in the area with the ability to measure your optical fingerprint or iPrint™ and create customized iZon lenses.