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We fit soft and gas permeable contact lenses including astigmatic (toric), aspheric, tinted, colored, bifocal, and monovision.  We firmly believe in disposable and planned-replacement contact lenses with simple, inexpensive contact lens care solutions.

Did you know?
*Contact lenses are changing constantly
*Contact lenses come in many different colors and novelty designs
*Some contact lenses are now made of silicone hydrogel material (which transmit              more oxygen to the eyes)

We fit lenses from many manufacturers including:
*Vistakon (Acuvue)
*Hydrogel Vision
*Paragon Vision
*Polymer Technology (Boston)

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Personalized Care that Protects
and Enhances the Gift of Sight.
Omega 3 Supplements
for Eye Health
Both dry eyes and macular degeneration respond favorably to Omega 3 supplements.

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