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Established in the 1950's, Vestal Eye Care Associates is Vestal's first optometry practice.  Our mission is to protect and enhance the precious gift of sight in a friendly and efficient manner, utilizing the latest technology. Services offered include eye examinations and contact lens fitting as well as medical treatment of eye disease and pre- and post-operative care.  The optical is staffed by experienced, licensed opticians and we offer a wide variety of designer frames.  For the convenience of our patients, we accept most insurances, we do not close during the lunch hour and we are open Saturday mornings.  All of us at Vestal Eye Care look forward to helping you make the most of your eye health and vision.  
We know you are busy so we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get contact lenses when you need them and have them delivered right to your door.  

Ordering contact lenses from our website is efficient and affordable.  Our online prices are comparable to most major online contact lens retailers.   

Dry Eyes

Are your eyes becoming  
increasingly red?  Do your eyes burn, sting or water frequently?  Do you have intermittent blurring of your vision that improves upon blinking?  These symptoms signal that you may have an increasingly common disease – dry eyes.

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Contact Lenses
brand new pair of contact lenses every time you wear contacts.  

You can have this with daily disposable contact lenses - without any lens maintenance involved.  

Just insert those daily disposable contacts, remove them 

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Vestal Eye Care Associates
    157 Front Street
    Vestal, NY 13850
    Phone: (607)754-4426 
    Fax: (607)754-0464
    Email:  [email protected]

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Office Hours:   
 Mon and Tue              8:00 – 6:00
 Wed - Fri            8:00 – 5:00
 Saturday             8:00 – 11:30

Vestal Eye Care Associates is pleased to offer CareCredit to help finance your medical purchases. CareCredit can be used for medical visits, eye examinations, glasses and contact lenses.

Office protocol (COVID-19):

Facial masks are REQUIRED to enter the building.

Patients are REQUIRED to schedule an appointment for ALL services. 

If you have not scheduled an appointment, you will not be allowed to enter the building. 

Please call 754-4426 first.

The office will be closed:

Saturday, July 6, 2024,

​Saturday, July 13, 2024,


Saturday, July 27, 2024​.

The office is closed daily between 12:00 - 1:00 PM